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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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  • ARChives on Frequently Asked Questions:

    Aren't you just advocating Nazism? After all, Hitler loved realist art.
    Aren't you just advocating photo realism?
    Aren't you just advocating traditionalism?
    Aren't you just repeating the cultural ideas you were taught and not thinking for yourself?
    Art is all about style, so how can you advocate anything that is out of style right now ...?
    But aren't all cultures equal?
    But it is impossible to make objective judgments!
    But shouldn't the government at least fund communal" art activities ..."
    But weren't the Modernists important and influential?
    How can you call for removal of government support for the arts?
    How can you judge the art of other cultures? Aren't all cultures equal?
    How can you lump together all of these different styles and movements and call them Modernist"? "
    How can you say bad things about Picasso, Pollock, and Rothko? They were great artistic geniuses!
    If you had been born in some other country ...
    Isn't art inherently subjective and therefore impossible to evaluate in any general way?
    Isn't it impolite to be critical of any art?
    Isn't there something incomprehensible, magical, or mystical about art?
    Recognized art experts disagree with you! Who are you to disregard their opinions?
    Wasn't the development of photography to blame for the development of Modernism?
    What about decorative design, isn't that art?
    What about fantasy art and comic books/graphic novels? Aren't they art too?
    What about illustration, isn't that art?
    What about photography, isn't that art?
    What can we do to make things better?
    What is Art?
    What Makes Good Art Good and Bad Art Bad?
    Why do so many people defend the bad stuff and attack the good stuff? What makes them do it?
    Why don't you give equal time to [whatever racial/ethnic group] art?
    Why is this even an issue? Why not just enjoy art without rocking the boat?
    [...] Don't you just want to shut out the study of other cultures?